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This beautiful brushed aluminum photograph of Apricity (n) captures the warmth of the winter's sun. Through my lens, you can see a tranquil bluebird perched on a branch outside the window, basking in the sun's rays. The print serves as a reminder of the beauty of the winter season, with its crisp air and soft sunlight. With its vibrant colors and intricate details, this photograph is sure to bring a touch of warmth and beauty to any home or office.The photograph is printed directly on 3mm brushed aluminum. The texture of the aluminum adds a touch of luminosity to the photo and the metal shows through lighter areas of the photo. The finished floating mount frame has a depth of 1 3/8" is light weight and ready to hang.

Brushed aluminum photograph Apricity(n) The warmth of the winter's sun

PriceFrom $160.00
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Store your print flat until ready to hang. Leaning your print for long periods of time can cause it to bow or warp. When ready to hang, place the sawtooth hanger on a securely inserted nail/screw. A wall anchor is recommended to keep your print securely hung. (nail/screw/anchor not included)


    To clean, use a soft nonabrasive cloth with water only, cleaning products are not recommended. The use of any cleaning products that contain alcohol or ammonia will damage your print. 

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