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Hi there!  Thanks for checking out my site.  As you can tell I'm a photographer but I'm also a wife, a mom and a grandma.  Family is important to me.  I have more photos of my family than I know what to do with and I keep taking more.  I don't want to forget a single moment and with photography I don't have to worry about that.  That is honestly my driving force behind my portrait business,  memories of grandkids, of friends, family and events.  Life flies by so fast, in the blink of an eye my first grandson is an adult!  Where did the time go?  It amazes me and scares me at the same time.    Sometimes a photo is all that is left of a moment, to look at and relive over and over again. 


When I'm not taking photos of people, I'm out taking photos of this wonderful place we call earth. With the lock down of 2020, I had to find another creative outlet and so began the special editing of my images.  I love how it's evolved into what it is now and I'm sure its going to continue to change as time goes on. My photography style is like me, fun, creative and maybe even a little quirky.

I love capturing the echoes of life around me, before they fade, be it of people or God's green earth. 


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10305 Lindwood Ct

Osceola, IN 46561


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