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My Ethereal Photography of this World

  I photograph the world around me and then soften the images with a technique I developed during the lock-down of 2020.  This process gives me the ability to take my photos and modify them to create a unique piece of art to match the world I envision in my imagination.  I feel my art connect with our desire to feel joy through letting our imaginations take us to a place that has no hard rules.  A place where we can tell our own story with no judgement, a place to rest.  The fact that you can't see all the details in my photos gives you, the viewer the chance to finis the story I've started.   In case you need some inspiration I have put together a few wall arrangements for you.  And as an added bonus, if you would like to purchase 3 or more of my brushed aluminum prints, you receive a 10% discount.  Enjoy the journey and thank you for stopping by.​

Fine art Photography wall grouping
Fine Art Photography poppy_wall_2_with_words_edited.jpg
Fine art phtography wall grouping
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