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My Ethereal Photography of this World

  Years ago, a mentor and now a dear friend taught me the rules of photography and then pushed me to break them. I am forever grateful to him for opening my eyes and giving me endless possibilities for my journey with photography.

  During COVID, like everyone else I was home with lots of time on my hands. Photoshop and I became well acquainted and I started experimenting with my photos. It was the perfect time to develop something extraordinary with my photos. It's a unique piece of art to match the world I envision in my imagination. It's a world of joyful energy, with a bit of mystery and stories waiting to be told. My art will connect with your imagination. You will be taken to a place that has no hard rules. You can tell your own story with no judgment, a place to rest and recharge. My photography gives just enough details so that you, the viewer, can finish the story I've started.

    In case you need some inspiration I have put together a few wall arrangements for you.  And as an added bonus, if you would like to purchase 3 or more of my brushed aluminum prints, you receive a 10% discount. 

  Enjoy the journey and thank you for stopping by.​

Fine art Photography wall grouping
Fine Art Photography poppy wall 2
Fine art phtography wall grouping
butterfly wall group
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